Tarot T810 build log


I have been searching high and low for a good affordable large hexa system, with the main objective to lift 500gr (camera, FPV transmitter, etc) for as long as possible, and have the video stabilized. 

The S800 looked ok, but due to some issues around the boom flexibility and cost, I ditched that idea. The Carbon Core, Steadidrone H6X also looked very nice, but once again cost played a big role.

So, I stumbled across the Tarot T810, for $330 I got the frame. I needed to add some extras for folding landing gear (not retract) and the camera rail mount which was not included.

I'm doing a build log to not only "hopefully" help someone out there, but also have a place to get some input from the community in getting the max flight time. The Hexa will be used for local security missions and possibly also help in the Rhino Poaching crises we're facing in South Africa.

My system:

  • Tarot T810 Frame
  • Sunnysky 4112S 400kv
  • 40 Turnigy Plush
  • 15X4.7" props
  • APM (of course!) - Looking forward to a maiden flight on AC3rc6
  • Martinez gimbal controller
  • Brushless Gimbal
  • Gens Ace 6S 5500Mah X 2
  • Estimated AUW including gimbal and camera - 5.3kg

The frame went together nicely, only issue I had was the hole in one of the landing gear braces was skew, I just drilled it straight with a bigger drill bit.

Here is a view of the frame in it's folded position. It folds nice and small - about 900mm in length


Here are the motors I'm planning to use, hopefully I get my flight time. Powerrrr! Notice the ESC mounting plates under the motor mount.


I like the prop attachment.


I also like the way the booms lock in place with a dovetail clamp, very secure.


Here is a shot of the little power distribution "lugs" - I just soldered all the power wires in place with huge amounts of solder.


I'm planning to install the ESC's under the motors, I have read about some scare stories on RCGroups about this idea, but I have never personally had problems with this.

I am however a little concerned about the wire gauge for power - using 16AWG to the motors and 12AWG to the battery. I'll do a full power test to see if they heat up, and by how much. 

I'm wating for my ESC's to arrive, and will continue the log once they're here!

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  •  Wesley

  • Hi Greg,

    To whom are you talking about?

  • You took a low dollar route to get high dollar results.

     I like what you have done.

  • Sorry, sick today, I meat to write the following.

    "I think the way to cut out noise is to use ferrite rings on the motor and signal wires of certain components wiring."

  • I think the way to cut out noise is to use ferrite rings on certain comments wiring.

  • 100KM

    Not sure about the power distribution board - I kind of like the way the Tarot frame handles it. But I do like this - http://www.gryphon-mall.com/product.php?id_product=90 - WOW!

    I need to run separate 3S batteries for camera equipment (one for Gimbal and one for Camera VTX), and ESC's powering the APM - not ideal. If this baby has some sort of isolation so we don't get noise on the camera VTX equipment and APM - it shall be mine for sure!

  • Hi Wesley,

    This is good to know. I'll have to try that and setup my low-voltage correctly. (I know, I should have done that from the get-go).

    Yes you should always disable your ESCs low voltage cut-off, turn off the brake and myself and many of us even tell the ESC that you are using Nicad and not lipo. This is the best way to save the aircraft from ESC failure. I'm going to go through the low-voltage setup and if this is one of my issues than I might even turn it off and rely on my time and Radios telemetry.
    Your info is setting my mind at some ease though. I was afraid that my Power-Distributer and Capacitors were taking too much voltage, even though deep down I thought this was kind of extreme. I really don't want to rip the hex apart and start again.
    I was considering this: http://www.gryphon-mall.com/product.php?id_product=92

    and this: http://www.gryphon-mall.com/product.php?id_product=90

  • 100KM

    Hi William,

    I'm getting about 20mins on 11000Mah @ 6S. In Loiter I draw about 25A.

    I have a similar experience. My voltage drops quickly to around 21V (I think this is mainly due to the load on the batt) and stays at that level (21 - 20V) for a long time. And then comes the sudden drop off at the end.

    I tested this by placing the hexa into Loiter at about 2 - 3 m off the ground and watched the telemetry, you should see the quick drop off with enough time to land - be careful that the ESC low voltage cutoff doesn't kick in (I even disabled mine) 

  • Hey all,

    I'm trying to set up my low voltage on my Tarot 960. DJI Naza V2.
    I'm running two 5300mAh batteries in parallel on a pretty much stock system except for my homemade power distribution board and 50V 220uf capacitors before each ESC.
    After 7~8 minutes I seem to loose 2 volts but my mAh expenditure is only 2.7%.

    I started with approximately 25.2V in each 5300mAh battery running in parallel, after 7~8 min I was down to 23.2V but when I balance charged the batteries in parallel I only needed to put 3868mAh to bring them back to full charge.

    This is really strange to me and I don't know what's going on. Is this a battery problem or is this some kind of inefficiency in my system? But I think it's something to do with the way I'm setting things up. Anyways this my Power Distributer that I made of brass, I know this not as conductive as coper but I can't see this being my issue. Here are some photos:
    Click image for larger version.  Name: 1381162_534456979981416_310123588_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 66.1 KB  ID: 18677Click image for larger version.  Name: 1377453_534457086648072_771496618_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 67.9 KB  ID: 18678Click image for larger version.  Name: 1382871_534457303314717_381613206_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 52.4 KB  ID: 18679Click image for larger version.  Name: 1396005_534457493314698_1950049388_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 53.5 KB  ID: 18680Click image for larger version.  Name: 1392097_534457563314691_1652843944_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 58.1 KB  ID: 18681Click image for larger version.  Name: 1383930_534458023314645_1034206554_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 32.7 KB  ID: 18682Click image for larger version.  Name: 1381570_534458039981310_2012032555_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 64.2 KB  ID: 18683
    I hope this makes sense. If not please feel free to ask questions. I really want to get to the bottom of this.

  • What kind of flight times are you guys getting on 10,000mAh batteries?

    I'm getting some strange results on voltage and Amperage


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