TBS Discovery Build + Android droidplanner

Yesterday i got my Team Black Sheep (TBM) Discovery top and bottom plate. Today i started working on te "rebuild".
As for the TBM there are no cleare APM 2.0 mounting hole's so i had to make some. But first the result!


I wanted a clean look, and good reception for the GPS so my APM 2.0 is mounted on top. Here are some picture's of houw i did this.

upside down, the long srews fit in 4 of the 6 hole's at the "center" of the top TBS board.
The APM fit's perfectly on the 4 screw's exactly the same as i had before.
Next, mounting the FPV transmitter.
This is the bottom of the top plate, using the same screws as the one's used for mounting the top.
a bit of velcro and a twrap to sucure the reciever, also on the bottom of the top plate. All together give's a verry clean look. 
Nextup the android planner got the cheapes android 4.0 tablet i found DX.com got it to work whit the Droidplanner
Here is some "proof" that it works whit the A13 tablet. Not at al a fancy video but youll see it in action.
Now i need a way to mount the tablet so i designed this.
as you can see it works, not perfect but for a prototype just fine!
Lastup some remaidening the first flight after the rebuild.
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  • Yeah... THAT happens if you don't take it slow / don't tune and go out in windy conditions...:


  • @Imko, fully agree to take it slowly. I also hate it to break things.

    @Josh, still hopes that the magic HK foam will do the trick, we'll see (fingers crossed).

  • I've had some of the same problem Jan.  Without a suspending mount for the APM my alt-hold works great but any waypoint based flying starts a fly-away.  I think with the TBS frame you have to drill.

  • whell, since this is my first RC and my second season i like it to be a bit less windy. But i am getting braver every day :)

  • Imko,

    Don't worry about wind, the TBS can handle it :-)

    I was out yesterday for some testing on the 3.0 and I must say, apart from the virbation issues, the quad holds perfect in loiter even in gusty winds. This with stock PID setting, quite impressive I must say.

  • @Jan: i try to keep the firmware up2date but not the bèta's. For this setup i only have a about a minute backyard flying (kind of windy these day's) but i have no problem sharing my log's. I think tweaking PID's is a balacing act between better hold and the current stab.


    Got myself a healty supply of prop's to try stuff ;-)

  • Imko,

    The TBS flies well but the vibartions are a problem with the introduction of the inertial nav.
    I tested the 3.0rc3 on antoher frame without any issues however for the TBS it is another story.
    On my previous frame (TBS-clone) I fitted some O-ring suspended board which works very well.
    However I don't feel like drilling some extra holes into the TBS frame espesially not on the bottom plate :-)

    Anyhow I will keep you posted on my findings with the HK foam.

    In meantime I'll try to tweak some setting to see if I can get a better behavior.
    I'm curious to see the RAW or IMU logs (depending on the version you are using 2.9.1 or 3.0)


  • @Stefan Goffertje: no none tuning what so ever, flying "out of the box" config. I try to avoid having eletronic's under the bottom plate.


    @Jan: youre right, there is no vibration reduction at all. ill probably have the same problem's as you discribe stab works great (old setup! video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk1o-oecGDo this video has the GoPro hard mounted no vibration reduction) will see what we have to do about the AccZ vibrations.


    As alway's it's a work in progress :-)

  • Hi Imko,

    Looks very nice.
    How did you tackle the vibration reduction as I can't see it from the pictures?
    Did you mount some foam under the plywood support?

    My TBS flies very well in stab mode but as sson as I switch to alt hold and loiter I get pulsing motors due to too much vibrations (AccZ values are too high).

    I tried the Kyosho zeal tape but without success. I now ordered the HK foam (as mentioned in the 2.9.1 blog) to test.
    My setup:

    Motors: MT2213 - 935KV

    Battery: 4S - 3300

    Prop: gemfan e-prop 10x5

    Only need to get the vibes down now.

  • I know the problem :). I have a MF450 and it took me a while to find good places for all the stuff. Especially, as I also use FrSKY and their telemetry RXs are mean GPS jammers.

    I'm currently waiting for spare motor (hopefully arrive this week) to rebuild after a crash. I'm gonna make a few pics of my setup then (the APM holder was presented not long ago, search for "cat toy" :D ).

    Did you tune your quad already? I got quite a bit of problems with tuning and I'd be interested in seeing your PIDs for comparison. My setup should be similar - I run the same prop size (CF props from RC-Timer), 5Ah 4S but then only 800kV motors.

    Besides, I clamped my RX under the power distribution board in the body, fiddled the antennas through holes and fibre-taped them to the bottom of the bottom plate. That makes 4cm distance (plus some boards and cables) to my GPS and the FrSKY antennas are below the GPS. My VTX is also in the body, with a skew planar antenna going out to the side.

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