TBS in Thailand: Bangkok

The final episode in Thailand. Before flying back to Europe RiSCyD and Prefect found a nice spot on top of a hotel to do some city flying. The best vertical building proximity flying so far in my opinion ... what do you guys think?

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  • If it will be soon in USA we can say : "Thank you guys for yours dangerous flights!!"


  • Are the people on the walkways more at risk from the airplane, or the cars driving by on the street?  I know which I would rather be hit by.  It's not like he was "buzzing" them at low altitude.

  • Hopefully you guys don't end up causing some damage to property or even worse, people. Flying RC planes in a city is already posing danger to people, and now flying pointing straight down at high speed, towards walkways and parking areas ir really dangerous and not recommended at all.

    Please be aware that when we support videos like this with positive comments more pilots will be tempted to do the same, feeling the community will approve risky flights.


    Please compley with rafety rules and common sense!

  • Welcome to Bangkok. 

  • Great Video! Bangkok is really congested.  They say" Quads own the city" because they can  slow down and hoover to avoid obstacles.You would never know it watching your video . I would like to see. a Quad  do one of those building slides! When it Comes to FPV you guys are the "best of the best "Thanks for sharing You and your buddies have a great day! 

  • Shows how far ahead of its time Gabriel's Balcony video was....for me his videos remain right up there...

  • Developer

    Trappy why didn't you tell me that you are here, we could have few tuning sessions too. Next time when you come to Bangkok let me know and we can hook up.. 

    Yeah that's my town and vid looks cool like always :)

  • wow, that must have been thrilling to pass within few inches of those buildings. i have stayed in one of those hotels. NOVOTEL LOTUS suskhumwith, bangkok. so i enjoyed the video. i fly well but nothing close to this.



  • Awesome!! :)

  • haha, that was RiSCyD flying btw :) I really enjoyed the runs down the building as well, especially with the slower wing it gives more "airtime". next step should definitely be doing acrobatics during the descents :)

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