TBS Video Update

We've been busy behind the scenes, but now we're back with a double-dose of FPV videos. Enjoy!


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  • Perfect, as usual. Thank you, Trappy :)

  • I am pretty sure TBS uses EzUHF systems for RC link. Plenty of range for what they are doing.

  • Developer

    Woow Good work, I really enjoy...

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • oh yes mike, Crater lake is beautiful this time of year good suggestion

  • They don't get amazing reception.  It's recorded from an on board gopro.  You have to spend several thousand dollars at least to transmit a cruddy HD video.  That's one of the reasons the military drones cost so much. 

  • Moderator

    And if anyone get out to Washington state for videos like these, it would be criminal to not drive south to Crater Lake. As cool as Mount St. Helens is, Crater Lake is several times more breath taking. 

  • Moderator

    Always an inspiration and a pleasure TBS, I always look forward to new videos, and watching your existing videos never gets old. These can play on a loop in any restaurant, at any club, on any TV channel, and people will watch them over and over. 

  • you guys should come to Washington state and fly around mt. st. Helen's volcano really cool terrain there  

  • Great vid/flying/scene everything :)

  • Take a look at their site, they have a lot of info on their setups.



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