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  • That is a real work of art and an inspiration for the rest of us!  But I was wondering, what size servos did you use for the control surfaces?  And is there a reference out there that can be used as a guide for servo sizes when you are designing a new airframe??
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    Good luck Team Javalin, the flight performance looks good enough to win IMHO and it will be show stealer :)
  • Thanks - there're a few good teams that I can see so far this year. Should be a good show I think. I hope less crashes this year.
  • That plane is such a beauty! Thanks for sharing :D
  • Thanks Ryan
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    Fantastic, good luck with D2, but it looks so good how could they not!
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    I'm in love with this performance. So stable and nice flying.

    What will you use to damp the vibrations from the Twin motor. I'm thinking about the IMU/AHRS.

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