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  • Looks neat
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    Like a sailplane with engine?

  • What would the final product looks like?
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    For now - stop. More in the next year...



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    an amazing crash.

    Yet one more idiot in DIY Drones...

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    You can call her the long-lazy.

    Gladius. Name is already choise. :)))

  • That's going to be an amazing crash.

  • Hi Lazy,

    That looks great. Is that ply - lasercut? You have an extreme emotional pain threshold building that scale. I envy you workshop - looks spacious and organised. Here is a crazy idea - looking at the scale of your build and the facilities available to you, why dont you tackle a Rutan long-ez -

    A friend built himself one a few years ago. Took me for a flip after it was given the green light by the aviation guys and what a blast. It is fairly simple and chellenging enough to keep you interested - I know you have a long relationship with flying wings - the long ez might be the next step. You can call her the long-lazy. They even fit turbines on them and go pilon racing.....

  • The trick with solder joint must be "Galactic Constant"

  • My favourite party trick is to do an absolutely perfect shiny solder joint only to see the heatshrink intended to cover the joint still laying on the bench.  The re-joining is always a dogs breakfast by comparison to the original.

    Have done this too many times to be funny anymore.

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