techpod EPO foam


Ok , this is what i've been up to for the past 6 months besides ignoring my family working and getting little sleep . took me about 300 hrs of CFD time on my cluster alone plus a whole lot of  cad work .the flight surfaces are well trimmed through the earlier iterations of the early techpod .I found the airflow around the bottom side of the wing root towards the tailing edge very turbulent forming a large "bubble' illustrated here 


this would seem endemic to this aircraft configuration . I was able to eliminate it by reiterating the fillet and wing root area and slightly increasing the incidence . I was able to get the drag down to about .8 lbs @ 60 mph

I have a prototype on order and should be receiving it in about a month . and here is the part where you come in . if all goes well with the prototype i can order a large batch . Only thing is the minimum order comes to $40,000  . I work for a living so i don't have that kinda scratch . I do have about $15000 saved up however . anyway , I;m thinking about using kickstater.com . I would like to get a feel for how many people may be interested in pledging . the kits will go for about $250 retail and i will have ready to flys as well pledgers will get a deep discount.throw me a pm or give me a shout here if your interested . I will post pics of it as soon as it comes in .here  are the specs 

  • Cruise Speed: 32knots
  • Max speed – 55knots
  • Climb Rate – 2000 ft/min
  • Wingspan = 105 in
  • Fuselage Length = 45 in
  • Dry weight = 2.75 lbs*
  • Max loaded weight = 4.4lbs (1.65 lbs of battery/payload)
  • EPP Wings and Tail Contruction
  • Carbon Fiber Tail Boom and wing spars



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  • Hey wayne I always wondered, would you share the aerodynamic output of XFLR5 too?

    Thank you


  • 100KM

    I have an APM2.5I will be sharing my set up files when I have it flying.

  • Hello!

    Someone using techpod with APM2?

    I have APM2 in my skywalker 1680mm, and I think that .param file from skywalker, will not be compatible with Techopd airframe, right?

    So, if someone could share your pre-tested settings, would be really great.


  • Nice to see you moving w/ the online marketing again Wayne.


    Sentry : FPVLAB.COM

  • 100KM
    these guys are making the prototype for me right now
  • 100KM




    thanks for your support

  • I'd be interested in a kit.

  • Moderator

    SW Flow module?

  • Out of curiosity, what options have you found for the EPO/EPP molding? Wondering if the price you're quoting is a US or Chinese manufacturer. From what I've seen, it seems the Great Planes, etc of the world (and certainly HobbyKing) have their EPO/EPP parts made in China.
  • 100KM

    I will have some hard numbers when the prototype arrives and i can get testing . i was getting 45 minute flights on 5000mah 3 s lipos .with video gear and osd running  I made enough room for a 12 inch prop this time so that will go up as well as the CFD work i did should push efficiency even further .

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