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  • based on those drawings, I assume there isn't enough place to mount a P&S camera pointed downwards for mapping?

  • In reference to the diagrams above, where is the C.G. located?

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  • Hi Wayne,

    could you provide or send me the pictures ?



  • Hello Wayne,

    Could you please poot pictures of your Techpod fuse to figure out internal space available ?

    It would ne nice if you can put inside an object in order to have an estimate of available sizes

    Thanks and Regards,


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    yes, it is however at the widest part of the fuselage. The nice thing is it will be made of foam therefore easy to mod. so if you need access to something way in the back you may be able to put an extra access hatch fairly easily.


     thanks buddy!

  • Developer

    Congratulations on crossing $10,000

  • Is the access hatch on the top the only way to get stuff in?

    More photos please. :)

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