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    here are some more detailed pics of the techpod ready to ship


    batter / payload area





    pan and tilt mechanism . the camera goes on the front of that piece attached to the servo arm .



    motor mount with cowl off


    3692250649?profile=originalrudder and elevator servos

  • wait doesn't that xflr screenshot show a biiiig forward moment ?
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    @ carlito
    you can see the performance estimation on the CFD pic . CL/CD = 141.89

    @ pual
    If you look closely at the numbers at the bottom of the CFD picture you can see all the specs . The motor produces > 4lbs static thrust the plane with a full FPV compliment and plenty of batteries comes in at less the 3.5 lbs . with this set up it will climb vertically . I get ~ 2000 ft per min climb rate although the motor can only withstand this for 20 sec bursts but that is great for climbing to 500' in 15 seconds . the surfaces are stiffer the molded EPP .

    @ Ron
    here is a video with different wings techpod1.0 . I will be posting new videos of the new wings early next week .
  • I like the look of this, but are there any videos of it flying?
  • very interesting but can you put more details, like wing area etc. little bit worried that your recommending a motor for 900~1400g glider with a stated max weight of 2000g. be good to know what the max prop size is too. how stiff are the control surfaces ? it looks to me like they are hinged with the laminating material and also covered with it ?
  • Amazing! What's the L/D that you achieved with that platform?
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    @ paul
    carbon fiber tube
  • wing spar is ?
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    laminating material . sticks to hot wired EPP great and no shrinkage . iron on using the wife's steam iron . used a ir temp sensor and set the iron to ~ 230 deg F . goes on easy and stick extremely well .
  • cfd always cool

    liking the high aspect ratio, what is this ultra slick material you speak of ?
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