Tersus Oscar RTK base station


Tersus Oscar RTK receiver is finished. 

The Oscar GNSS Receiver is a new generation GNSS RTK system. It supports calibration-free tilt compensation function which is immune to magnetic disturbances, leveling pole is not required. Easy configuration with 1.54 inch interactive screen on Ultimate and Advanced versions. With an internal high-performance multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS board, the Oscar GNSS Receiver can provide high accuracy and stable signal detection. 

The high-performance antenna can speed up the time to first fix (TTFF) and improve anti-jamming performance. The built-in large capacity battery is detachable, two batteries support up to 16 hours of field work in 4G/3G/2G network and Rover radio mode. The built-in UHF radio module supports long distance communication. The rugged housing protects the equipment from harsh environments.


Supports multiple constellations & frequencies
- GPS L1/L2
- BeiDou B1/B2
- Galileo E1, E5b
- QZSS L1, L2
Supports 576 channels
410-470MHz UHF radio, 4G network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC
Tilt compensation without calibration, immune to magnetic disturbances
Various working modes
16GB/8GB internal storage
Up to 16 hours working in RTK mode
IP67-rated dust-& waterproof enclosure, for reliability in harsh environmental conditions
Please send email to find more information.
Email: yunxia.hu@tersus-gnss.com
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  • it's so hard to folllow any thread or replies to one's comments in DIYDrones since no tools are provided.


    All you need to get highest accuracy is to offset static and dynamic GPS error.

    To offset static error you need to approach, vertified, geolocated groundstation

    To offset dynamic, ionospheric error (live maps are available for Australia), you need to receive ionospheric error via 3G/4G

    But if none of the above are available, you can still triangulate geolocation, receiving geolocation offset from 2-3 other GPS enabled smartphones, operated nearby, reading offset from static GPS enabled smartphone/s, received by mobile GPS (installed on the drone), since ionospheric error should effect all GPS devices nearby alike.

  • @ d j, you said a $50 smartphone as an RTK GPS? Can you make that please to verify your statement is correct?

  • All you need to build 10cm accuracy RTK-like GPS is $50 smartphone and correction data received via 3G/4G/LTE on free/ non-free basis

  • Hi Harish, 

    Oscar is integrated with our own RTK boards, which is compatible with various flight controller including Pixhawk. 

    If you use for UAV, we recommend you choose our OEM boards kit for UAV, it is more small and light. Please check link as below, https://www.tersus-gnss.com/product/gnss-kits

    Tersus BX-series GNSS RTK & PPK OEM Boards, Receivers, Kits
    Tersus BX-series are GNSS RTK & PPK OEM boards for providing accurate positioning and heading information. It supports multi-constellation (GPS L1/L2…
  • 1. With what Flight Controller board and Receiver it is compatible?

    2. Can I use it with Pixhawk?

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