Testing a small thermal imaging camera

I got my hands on a small thermal imaging camera for testing purposes.

I installed it on my hexacopter and took it out for a flight this evening.

Ttechnical data:

resolution: 384 x 288

50 Hz

8 - 14 um spectral range

analog video out

uncooled sensor

I am looking forward to test the new model (second version), which has double the resolution and false-color

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    I don't know the price of this camera - I got it (from MIB Electronic in Germany) to test it in flight on a multicopter (I am very interested in the application of thermal imaging cameras for SAR).

    If you would like further details on the camera, PM me and I will send you the contact details of somebody from the company

  • Incredible for a civilian to have access to that framerate.  Obviously not for sale, because that would be illegal.  The 9fps limit is still a restriction they're serious about enforcing.

  • What was the cost of the camera ?
  • Distributor

    Yes - the black area on the roof is a PV panel.

    It was not flown at night, it was evening - during sunset.

    The camera is from MIB Electronics.

  • Great video Felix,

    Very good results.

    Can you share make and model of thermal camera?

    Were the black areas on the roof PV panels?

    I take it this was flown at night?

    Best Regards,


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