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    No, only one or the other, I monitor one with U-center and one with Mission Planner

  • when ublox gps is plugging apm,at the same time can i connect to u-center?

    so i can get .ubx flight data. 

    do you have any idea?

  • The U-Center GPS evaluation software and the manual are available for download here:

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    I use a 7.2v lipo battery for OSD power, it has runs for days without issue. but a 3 cell battery will cook OSD over time.

    It can be powerd with a Castle Creations BEC programmed for ~ 7.0v to eliminate a battery, but you may suffer from a brown out as power is drained by motor and servos.

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    Greg, I compared a APM1 with OSD and Ublox 5 vs  a APM2 with MTK and then a Ublox 5 (connected to UART1 (no connections to SPI)

    I wrote Remzibi OSD code so messages are sent in text format to Remzibi on UART3 (TM port and connect TM to UART0 (USB) on APM1 with OilPan

    I have not yet tried on OSD APM2, I am not sure I can access required pins to connect TM to Port0 (USB) 

    I also have some MinimumOSD's and will try them first on APM2

    Right now the code won't compile as I have modifications to AP_GPS and Mavlink Library for Ublox sending NAV_DOP to get a better idea of the quality of gps fix.

  • Mark also one quick question. Have you experienced any heat/ excessive power drain issues with your Remzibi OSD? Another user reported heat problems and they no longer use this in ther arducopter. Might not be as big an issue in ardupilot since there is more scope to get around these kinds of issues. Reason I ask is I like the Remzibinosd and want to run this over the Minimosd which has less features.
  • Mark: Nice work on the testing and comparison work on the GPS with Remzibi OSD. If you don't mind could you outline how you have setup the remzibi osd in your testing. You talk about disabling the APM MTK so I assume you have the integrated APM2 GPS version of the IMU. In which case are you now connecting the ublox and MTK (one at a time) to the APM i2C port for external GPS units for testing and using the mavlink stream to capture the gps data on the remzibi. Alternative are you just plugging the GPS into the Remzibi for these tests?

    Reason I am curious is I posted a question in the LEA-6H GPS post about whether anyone has the Remzibi OSD working from the APM2 mavlink, preferably version 1.0 since the data strean format has changed.
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    Last test shot before Chucky Cheeze break, My grand  daughter Rayne is a barrel of fun!

    when standing still MTK holds up to Ublox

    Next tests should be head-to-head flights with dual GPS and logging of RAW values.3692465639?profile=original

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    Finished GPS comparison testing and completed disabling of onboard MTK

    with 2 cuts, or removal of inductor U3 and one cut to 12 pin connector pin 10 . I kept U3 attached to pad away from MTK to store for restoration in future.

    Please be careful cutting trace in step 1 as breaking U3  or R3 is easy. I unsoldered U3, cutting trace to pin 10 is less of a problem.  To restore MTK clean area near cuts and solder a jumper.


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    I use a 4 wire cable between ublox thru hole pins and Sparkfun  5v+ FTDI /USB adaptor. store sells them now. I made it ages ago.
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