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Mike Schwier commented on Gary McCray's blog post Drones Are Fun an informational resource for everybody interested in UAVs, especially for personal use.
"Lots of great information! Thanks for sharing your knowledge."
May 29, 2014
Mike Schwier commented on crystal garris's blog post Open source Techpod
"Seems you have some "other" motives as well for open sourcing this. Like several other commenters suggested, you really need to end this dispute with John. I dont really know which of you is telling the truth. Take him to court and get it over with.…"
May 4, 2014
Mike Schwier posted a blog post
MIT grad students studying Robust Robotics designed a plane that can operate in tight spots — avoiding pillars and low ceilings — without a GPS or outside help. The plane uses an on-board laser range finder and inertial sensors to fly right. To…
Aug 12, 2012
Mike Schwier commented on Dan Gray's blog post APMLogVisualizer version 1.32, with C# Source
"Great Job!  Thanks for sharing this."
Jul 22, 2012
Mike Schwier commented on Mark Colwell's blog post Testing MTK vs Ublox GPS at high bank angles with Remzibi OSD to compare inside vs outside performance at my home. in CO Springs.
"The U-Center GPS evaluation software and the manual are available for download here:
Jul 17, 2012
Mike Schwier commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post GPS Interference Testing
"The little blue bar that appears next to the altitude ticker tape is the Rate of Climb according to the Planner Manual. http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/MPGCS  This may briefly appear when a 3d fix is acquired because the altitude is…"
Jul 7, 2012
Mike Schwier posted a blog post
Found this Quadcopter build while browsing Instructables.com today. Lots of good information....build instructions    
Jul 7, 2011
Mike Schwier commented on Paul Mather's blog post HK GCS 1.3.0 released - With new instruments from Max Levine
"WOW!!! Looks great! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this."
Jun 21, 2011
Mike Schwier replied to Andrew Van Der Plaats's discussion Nitroplane RQ-11 Fiberglass ARF kit
"I see that some of these RQ-11 upgrade parts are available on the website of Aerosight Innovations

http://www.civilianuav.com/#!our-productsAerosight RQ parts.jpg"
Apr 9, 2011