Testing the IMU

Here i have the APM and IMU Shield set up for testing the GPS. I put a small piece of doublesided tape on the GPS antenna and stuck it to the window. After a few minutes of warming up, the GPS started receiving data.

The thingy hanging down the vent is the airspeed controller.

APM is powered by the 5V adapter.

Unpowered board set up for testing the multiplexer. RX on the input pins. Servos on the output.

My 5V adapter with servo connector. With this i can run the APM/servo setup without relying on batteries. The connector goes into a free connector on the servo/tx connector.

Yes, i have insulated the solder joints now :o) .

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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions!
  • II am at the same stage of testing. It is a good idea to put ublox to the window. When I test it with the alpha version it takes about 5 minutes until the red led is burning constandly. Once got the gps lock the servos react a bit slowly when tilting the board in automatic and fly_by_wire_a mode. I can only steer over in manual mode, in the other modes no commands from the TX are executed.

    I am still wainting for the public beta version.
  • Any note on what might happen if you damage something or what to do to fix it?
    Pretty sure I messed mine up cause last time I checked (up at school for the week), I wasn’t getting any servo output.
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    You can separate the servo power +5 volts from the APM +5 volts by unsoldering jumper SJ1 on the APM.

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    It's safe to power APM both via USB and via the servo connectors.

    It is important to be *careful* attaching power to the servo connectors. If you offset the connector or get it backwards, chances are good you will damage something.
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    The adapter i use is a 5V. (5.21V to be precise) So it is the exact voltage needed
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    I read that also, but i find no other way if i want to read the APM serialport on the computer with servos and stuff attached that draws more than the USB can give.
  • Hello,

    I thought that the apm shall not be powered at the same time by USB and an other power source.

    Am i wrong ?
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