Let me ask you, what is the difference between the two?

Do not go for the obvious like size and color, both batteries are the same width and height but the white one is less than half the length.and about half the weight as well.

They are also both the same voltage, but the brown is 14v 3000Mah

the white one is 14v 4000Mah.

In case you didn't know these are lithium Ion batteries.

They charge to the same voltages and discharge to the same voltages, they can be used with the same chargers as lithium polymer batteries but as you can see are much smaller and more durable.

This is because they are similar to AA batteries, they have a metal casing.

This means any crashes are less likely to kill your battery.

So I will be building these packs to sell on for you guys.

You can build them yourself if you like just have a google for some sources to buy the cells from.

I am planning to sell 4500Mah 4s  size wise they are a tad smaller than a 2200Mah 3s Lipo and a bit lighter.

I am aiming to sell them for about £8-£12, a equivalent lipo

(cheapest on hobbyking was £21.50)

And 4s 1000Mah

This is about half the size of the white pack above.

The reason i wont be selling the white pack 4000Mh 4s is due to supply issues but i may in the future.

but in the future i want to expand

3s 45000Mah 

3s 4000Mah

and custom batteries will also be on the agenda.

If you are interested in these packs, have a look on blog history, another member of DIYdrones has posted about them previously,

and if you would like to buy a pack now, i will start selling the 4500Mah packs in about 3 weeks after further testing and built technique experimenting.

Just PM me.

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  • 35C at 4000mah is 140amps.... I think your math may be wrong. If the cells can pull 20 amps and you are running it a 2p config thats a total of 40 amps.  Assuming in the 2p config ends up as 4000mah thats 10C.

  • so you want something of similar size.

    It entirely depends on the c rating you want, i could use 40 x 1000mah in 10p 4s configuration

    It would be 15amp continuous x 10 or the 10 packs so theoretically like 150amps and a burst of 200apms

    but each cell is about £1.50 so its pretty pricey

    They may still be about a third the size.

    but you would have about 2 and a half times the capacity at a third the weight. 

    basically your choices are

    1000Mah cells £1.50

    1800Mah cells £1.90

    3600Mah cells £2.25

    5000Mah cells £2.50

    and just pick a combination.

    If you are interested i can build you at pack for the cost of the pack and post only.

    email me on ox141jf@hotmail.co.uk

  • I think many of us are using 4S 4500mAh Size lipos, in for instance the QAV and TBS quads.

    It is feasable to build one of these in the same size, and what would the ratings be in terms of continuous power (Amp) and mAh?

    Also price? :)

    Kind Regards


  • hehe well it may be chinese lies, but when i was talking to the supplier, i spoke about discharge rates etc and they said that each cell has capability of 20 apms

    i have tested up to 10A as this is the highest my multimeter goes, i ran the pack till it cutoff and the cells were not even warm..

    I though it is safe to assume they can go to their max for burst periods at the very least.

    hence i made a middle ground, yes, i know anything past 20amps is conjecture in a 4s 2p.

    Do understand these cells aren't protected, they will over discharge and die if used incorrectly.

    Most Li-ion batteries are 2c limited because that is the highest the protection circuit can go.

  • I am very interested,  I have sent you a friend request in order for me to PM you


  • Can you explain more about how you are getting 35C? Everything I have read indicated that the primary disadvantage with Li-Ions was the low discharge rating.

  • nope its not 2c hehe

    these are about 35c

    they are in 2p configuration

  • Hi Jared, I think these are great, definitely planning on trying some Lith Ions out myself.

    The 2C max discharge rate of Lith Ion is a problem for a lot of people but I am sticking with super efficient KDE motors and light frame construction so will probably work for me.

    Definitely interested in your 4500mah, 4S configuration (I would guess that is also a two P because I don't know of any 4500mah cells.

    The GEB 8043125 flat cell batteries are also interesting although not quite as efficient as the True lith ion.


    Best Regards,


  • Ugh boy you sure love colors!

    What is the C rating?

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