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  • I always try to imagine myself in those occasions and I can tell you I would never do that... too risky.

    Does't look like the pilot is very confident as he tries to walk with the drone, and in fact the video stops just as it passes near the poor guy filming with his phone... I think he got scared and stopped filming :D

  • Gary McCray

    Be interesting to see what the FAA has to say (or not say) about it.

    FAA  just slave for mans who make such partyes and gerls =)
    Not boss there!

  • If it's got wardrobe malfunction mode with realtime boobage log, then I say unleash the hounds.

  • That is a good point Andrew. LOL Randy you crack me up!

  • Looks like they're operating under a roof, so the FAA won't care at all.

  • Hey Randy you live in Japan, home of Anime and Manga, at least the picture got our attention.

    Be interesting to see what the FAA has to say (or not say) about it.

    My guess is they are either going to end up being identifiable as Draconian nay sayers for shutting it down or punishing those responsible or as hypocrites, because they cleverly decide to look the other way.

    This doesn't at all seem to be within the purvue of the FAA permits given so far, certainly not a closed set.

    On the other hand, so far the FAA doesn't seem to care how it is viewed.

    For the most part they don't seem to care what anybody thinks.

  • I dunno Randy, drones have been in the news so much lately, it's nice to get some variety. ;)

    This is an interesting idea though.  I wonder how long it will last.  I have to think people won't like it that much once they realize you can't hold a conversation with these things buzzing around.  Good news is, that this should help eliminate the fear people have that these things can sneak up on you.  ;)

  • Should be pretty safe if it's only used on the red carpet.

  • Cue the DJI hate.

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