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  • We use an 7 dBi big stick omnidirectional antenna for the VTX on the UAV and a Yagi for the GCS. The choice was mainly based on mass and gain. Thanks for the tip, if you know of any that are less than 50 g let me know.
  • Are you using linear polarized antennas for your video feed because they're more durable, and/or multi-pathing isn't a big concern?

  • Hi there, our prime concern was compactness, portability and low mass (high endurance). The Y6 has approx. 15% less thrust than a Hexrotor of the same size. We are prepared to accept this, given the other advantages. We set the rotor separation at an optimal distance of approximately 1R. Although, this is not very sensitive to variation. We use large CF rotors of about 16 inch diameter which are efficient and run at low speed (2000-3000 RPM) with low current draw.
  • Very interesting.  Thanks for posting, Stephen.  Could you please elaborate on why you opted to use a Y6 configuration, over say a hex?  Were you able to quantify the efficiency losses from using coaxial rotors, and how did you minimise those losses?

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    Like the design... Very well thought out

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