The fallen blockhouse (T3 entry)


This is an old German bunker from WW2 fall on the beach at Sainte-marguerite-sur-mer, france. The fire services took down the blockhouse in 1995 because of safety concerns linked to cliff erosion.

If you want to know more about this blockhouse and the cliff :



Credits :

  • Drone operator and photomodeling : Sylvain Herubel
  • Ground station engineer and co-pilot : Raphael Bria
  • Cameraman and Blender processing : Stephane Guillet
  • Snow covered blockhouse : Julien Beaumel


It’s always the same setup, our little quad works very well for automatic flights


Config :

Quadricopter flameweel frame (X450)

ESC 30A simonK

Motors Sunysky X2212 980 kv prop : 10*5

RC T9X open9X - frsky 2.4ghz module

APM2 with GPS and compass onboard

Arducopter 3.1 RC5

Lipo 4S 3000mha

Video link : 200mw 5.8 ghz

Camera S100 with CHDK

Mobius camera with Sunnex lens (pictures from Mobius will not be used due to excessive rolling shutter)

Ground station with Asus 1005HA, 3DR 433mhz telemetry and extra deported 433mhz antenna


Total flight time : 3min40

Automatic flight : 3min

65 good aerial pictures from S100 and 20 ground photos from Lumix G3 are used to compose the model.


Video of the flight and worflow :

Short version, only results :

Here you can see 3D model on Sketchfab, if it appears black, juste wait for texture :


Blockhaus Sainte Marguerite sur mer from panormandic


Here you can download logs from APM2 and kmz flight path :



Flight path :



Green : Auto mode

Red and grey : Stabilize (manual) mode

Yellow : Alt Hold

Orange and blue : Loiter


Garry, if you want to fly over the model with GEFS, just download this KMZ (it could take some time to load into GE) :



Orthomosaic : 





Virtuals renders :


Thanks for DIY drone and 3D Robotic for this contest.

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  • T3

    It's explain on the video, somes photos were taken from the ground to complete the texture, initially it must be done by the Mobius and the sunex, but photos from Mobius were blurry

  • Sylvain, nice work on this. Did you just shoot all of the photos directly downwards for this model, or did you also fly around the blockhouse shooting photos at an oblique angle to get the texture on the sides (it looks like there is another set of photos like this in photoscan)? Were the closer photos done in auto mode, or manually?

  • wow, thanks Sylvian. Well done!!!

  • Moderator

    Tis true but we can't fly there together! Like you can with GEFS http://www.gefs-online.com/ Looks great on GE

  • T3

    you also can fly over with the model with GE and the flight simulator function  (ctrl+shit+A)3692939812?profile=original

  • Moderator

    Found it, but not your version in 3D yet I guess it will take a while for Google to place it on GE. I wonder if this would be the first 3D item on GE to be mapped and modelled by a drone? Looks like a lovely coastline.


  • T3

    @ Gary, paraglider is the better aircraft for this place !

  • Mostly 3D Photo Modeling though

  • @Sylvain, Both!  We are focusing mainly on a guide and dedicated forum that will allow for someone with Zero knowledge in this stuff to be able to go step by step to accomplish this with their own work.

  • T3

    @Joshua, does this tutorial will talk about 3D photomodeling or uses for models ?

This reply was deleted.