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  • Thank you Jean-Louis, I can't quite see how you stop the swivelling end from slipping out, so I'll take some time to digest the detail in those pictures.
  • Developer
    Below some detailled photos about the construction:

    Happy building,
  • Developer
    Hello, you will find some detailled view about the construction of my ADAV/VTOL Tricopter:
    Below the Yaw and Anti-Torque control system with only one servo:

    Below the Left and Right brushless motors:

    Below, a view inside the Tricopter, you may see the 3 piezo Gyroscope PG03 GWS and the Yaw Gyro Futaba GY401:

    I hope this will help you,
    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • Moderator
    I managed to fly mine with just the OpenPilot in it yesterday so have removed all the gyros and in the future will have GPS hold, they are weird things to set up!! I will try your CCW CW prop solution Jean Louis, that sounds very handy for efficiency.
  • @Jean-Louis : Very nice design :-)

    That looks like a really simple yaw mechansim - any chance of giving more details / images of its construction?

    Would you also mind adding part numbers to your set-up list?

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Developer
    In my ADV/VTOL Tricopter setup, I have prefered to use CCW and CW props for the Left and Right motors, because the resulting torque is near to zero, so only the yaw servo need only to compensate the torque of the rear prop. This increase significantly the efficiency (W/kg) of the electrical power requirement.
  • Moderator
    Yes all the props turn the same way, so much simpler in the spares box and they seem to be able to lift stuff. You can also keep any weight that you add on the motor line which helps with stability in multicopters.
  • Woow. Due to fewer components, they should be able to fly at least 1/4 longer than quad copters with the same capacity. Very simple - great design!
  • Developer
    Woow, good and clean setup ;-)
  • Moderator
    I have been playing with one as well, they are great.

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