The Life of a Drone


I would like to share a simple story with you.

I´m a drone lover and I was missing a shirt that could sum my daily life with my drone, so I did a shirt with my wife that represents the life of a drone. I´m 100 % sure you will understand this. Don´t you?
How do you see yourself in this process? Wish you all the best.

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  • Hi guys. I got a couple of private messages with people still wanting this despite the end of the campaign.

    Just to let you know that I have relaunched the campaign for you. You can now check it out again.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Hi everyone.

    Once today is the last day of the campaign, I´m doing a 15% discount to all itens (shirt & hoodie).  

    Hope you enjoy the promotion:

    Have a nice day.

  • Thanks Mike. I'm glad you like it. Hope you have lots of fun with it. I'm sure you will. 

    Have a nice week. 

  • Ordered! Shirt and hoodie!

    Perfect for Aussie winter.

  • Hi everyone.

    Once the week is about to finish, and the feedback as been so pleasant, here is a Free Shipping Promotion, available for this shirt, to be used by everyone of our community. Have a nice Friday and a lovely weekend.

  • Thanks for the feedback Gary Mortimer.

    Once the feedback has been so good, I´m totally open in doing a special promotion for people of the forum. We all share the same passion, so it might be a nice idea and you´ll save  few $. Maybe a Free Shipping promotion...yes...that might be interesting. Let me know. Regards.

    PS: Good luck with the training of your kid. Having good retirement is always a great motivation. :)

  • Developer

    Skilled = bored = crash

  • Moderator

    Not trying hard enough Gary. My 11 year old is currently flying a Cheerson CX-10 in the living room next to me. Its quite simply amazing and the skills he is learning mean that he will be an FPV racing champion and pay for my retirement. You do have to build your own I think though Miguel so its a great T shirt.

  • Words of wisdom, Gary...words of wisdom. 

    Glad you like the shirt. Have a great day.

  • A lot of truth there.

    Much of the rebuild part can be avoided by starting with cheap light "toy" quadcopters when you are first learning though.

    Many of them survive numerous crashes with little or no damage.

    You can move up to a Blade 200QX, a dynamite little copter that fly's really great but also survives crashing quite well.

    And of course you can then graduate to the really rugged little carbon fiber FPV 250 class copters which are built for racing and regularly brush-cut their way through small tree branches.

    I live in a pine forest and I haven't even broken a prop for over a month now - guess I'm not flying enough.

    Great shirt,


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