I was wondering how long it'd be before someone did this... The early stage involves minimal lift capability, but eventually 1000kg -- goods and people.

The MatterNet on FastCompany

Surprisingly "The team's prototype (pictured above) can already do this, but its autonomous capabilities have not yet been tested." -- I would think there are loads of hobby quads that are ahead of this one, then?

I've had dreams of doing this with rovers (of various sizes) of course the issue being the lack of roads... 

Direct link: http://matternet.us/

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  • Money is better spent on bicycles and motorbikes, although I have only had 20 years experience of working in remote places in developing countries so maybe they do know better...

  • According to my quick calculations a quad could only go 7 to 10 miles one way. A 50 Kg ice powered plane is what is needed for this kind of stuff. Any one claiming to do this kind of remote delivery with a copter is just blowing smoke. Just not practical. It could however be useful for flying medicine to a monk living in a cliff dwelling in Nepal. Just use over sized props for the altitude ;)

  • @Brett White : their 3692620586?profile=originalprototype changed tho.

  • Old news tho - Matternet did announce their existence in mid 2011 to the world - no move ever since.

  • That's a very poorly photoshopped photograph of a Cybertech Mini. Is this company legit?

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