3689526694?profile=originalHere is a translation of an article I found last week (Dutch: http://nutech.nl/gadgets/3482751/drones-mogen-zonder-vergunning-lucht-in.html)

The prohibition by the Ministry of Defence on making photos and videos from the air is withdrawn by June 1. Google and Micrsoft's mapping services have made this ban redundant. Owners of drones don't need a permit anymore.

Owner of drones, kites or private helicopters or planes who wants to make photographs can now do so without permission. Before a permit from Netherlands Ministry of Defence was a requirement. Those who received a permit for taking pictures was handed over a map with where the pilot was not allowed to fly. Violating the law would result in 2 months in prison.

This law was intended to counter espionage, but is overtaken by making satellit pictures public. Defence points at Microsoft and Google as cause for the change in legislation because they fall outside the regulations.

With the disappearance of this ban, it is now also allowed to take pictures of military objects. It remains forbidden to take pictures from military objects from the ground. Defence still holds the right to close down airspace under certain conditions.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence stressed that lifting the ban doesn't mean that other regulations are still active. For example under the Data Protection Act it is still not allowed to take pictures when flying over other peoples property.

I hope my translation makes sense, some words were hard to translate correctly.

Well, this seems like good news for my fellow Dutch pilots who take pictures with the model aircraft.

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  • Hi,

    I saw that this post somehow relates to the one I just posted. Can someone help answer my post here:



  • Anyway, it's impossible to fly without taking images of private lands.

    I was asking for the permits last year and the law was stupid, basically if you buy and fly a ardrone 2 in the street, you can go 2 months to prision.

    And the militars ask for each picture that you take for aproving or deny the publication

  • Ha die Roel,

    please find more information (in Dutch) at http://www.hoogtezicht.nl/
    I have mixed feelings about new legislation: accidents with drones would be really harmfull for our hobby/work, but tying trings too tight will result in a lot of obstacles and maybe less opportunities to safely innovate and improve the technology...
    For now, it all falls withing model airplane regulations, but use your common sence. I for one would NEVER fly above people, especially crowds,  I am even hesitant about flying my sticked kites above people. 

  • I didn't know this law is due to be withdrawn, thanks for the heads up!

    But this law is about aerial photography and is not targeted at drones specifically. Do you (or someone else0 happen to have some clear information about what is allowed in the Netherlands and what not? Like are you allowed to fly over people and buildings or in parks. And what about line of sight?

    Recording video's at for example festivals with multicopters is becoming a quite common thing, is this regulated or do you need a permit for that?

    Information in dutch is no problem of course. Thanks in advance!  

  • Well, that is the positive half of the story.The other side is that legislation is being prepared about the certification of airframe and pilot, with some very strict rules. It seems to be legislation aimed at professionals though....

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