The new Javelin Mk2 test flight

Finally a somewhat nice enough of a day for us to put another flight on the new Javelin Mk2. It's very windy however and cross wind too - I do hate Melbourne weather.

In this flight, I'm just getting the control surface angles and mixings dial in so we can input that into the autopilot. All live telemetry was recorded.

It flies really well and plenty of power and lift. Current weight comes in at 11kg with a design max gross of 16 - 17kg


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  • Thanks all!

    Yeah, it was very windy - always windy here in Melbourne

    Yes the I design the engine and it's not open source - sorry.



  • @Ryan

    Great plane, I'm also a fan of inverted V-tail.

    Did you designed the diesel engine ?

    Is the design "open source" ?



  • Very cool! But the wind seems to be too strong even for a such big plane...

  • Developer

    Good work Ryan, your Javelin Mk2 fly very well. I like the music...

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • It's the Transformer theme song I think


  • gorgeous plane ! what is the song used in video ?

  • Indeed!


  • Moderator

    Nice one and what a wonderul AF sad day for the OBC today.

  • This is the GoProHD. The PanTiltZoom is fully stabilized with GPS refference, tracking, etc...different animal altogether.

  • Try the GoPro HD instead, it is cheaper, can be used for FPV and records on SD at the same time, and the best feature is the 60 fps which you can slow it down to 30 fps and it will look beautiful.

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