I got a little excited and published the video a little early.  This is the official video for the Aerial Vista Challenge Team.  We are participating in the 2014 Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge.  This is the one that we have submitted for the competition.  Thank you to our sponsors and to Inside Focus Media for creating this video.  We look forward to more design and build videos as the competition progresses.  Thank you for following our blog.

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  • Thank you everyone for the nice comments for our team.  John, thank you over and over for all you are doing for our team and the UAV challenge as a whole. Thank you moderator for jumping in there with the thread.  I have been traveling all day and have been unable to comment till now.

    Backlash, I am glad that you are getting the CG correct in the plane.  I hope the blog helped in your build and we are getting ready to put up a lot of info about our build and the about the individual components in the setup.

    The catapult is almost done and it is going to be epic.  We have borrowed from Brett's design on here and on RC Groups.  We appreciate it Brett for providing this info for the build.  We have made a few changes for our purposes and we will be sharing them with the community so they can also know how to make the changes if they wish.  The catapult is an 8 foot catapult with adjustable pull bungee bands.  The catapult will have a safety clip to be pulled before being launch capable and a foot pedal release.  I do not have the weight yet but I am going to say around twenty to thirty pounds (8-14ish kilos) and will break down into a full keyboard bag or something similarly transportable.  Pics will be up soon.

  • Kabir, I am proud of you man !

  • Video Looks great Toby!  I have been working a lot with local media stations and am reading your email right now.  I will get back to you soon with your request.

  • Nice video.  Good luck with the challenge.

  • Toby!, I am completing the reorganization of my batteries and electronics in the RVJet this weekend.  We had discussed this previously with regard to achieving the correct CG.  I will post pictures upon its completion, but I just wnated to say that is it working out well. (2x8400mAh 3S)

    I enjoy following your posts.  Keep up the great work.

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    @John and Wayne,

    Okay gentlemen, let's put this thread back on-topic. No more off-topic posts!


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  • 100KM

    Sorry John just because I worked for you for 8 months in 2010 does not mean you somehow own something I designed starting in september of 2011. You are simply using a previous business relationship to confuse the general public.

    So you refer to a 1099 form. 1099 forms are for tax reporting of non-employee/ private contractor payment. You can read more about the form here. So you say I worked for you as an independent contractor?  Where is the contract? The only way to transfer ownership of copyrighted material is with a signed contract. you are more that welcome to check out page 6 of this PDF from the copyright office. It explains the situation clearly.

    As it is illegal pass around private tax information, I certainly hope you have not shared my personal tax information with anyone like you have offered to do on your post over at RC groups


    If anyone want to see the IRS Tax filings and 1099's that go with them to prove my point, let me know. "

    You not only misrepresent our relationship you also misrepresent law. You even seek to offend my basic privacy.

  • Great video Toby and I think the RV jet is a rugged, versatile choice, TechPod / Cyclops wars which have absolutely no business in this thread not withstanding.

    Based on recent developments in SA civilian drone policy, I hope your efforts are not impeded.

  • Sorry about your thread getting derailed Toby. It wasn't my intent by adding my praise. 

  • One has nothing to do with the other. You are ill informed and once again falsely representing yourself and your Techod. The masses have seen this blog from page 1 and it tells the real story. No need for me to go into any of it here and yet again. I have legal claims to my assertions, IRS 1099 documentation of you being paid by me, real history of me buying materials, tools, equipment and inventory and selling Techpods in the past. I've not going to engage you about this old issue any longer, no point in it.

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