Introduction to the Orange Hawk Project from Stephen Carlson on Vimeo.

Presented here is a VTOL aircraft design that I've perfected over 16 months, and intend to release as an Open Source project with design plans and code. Initial details:

Wing Span: 1000mm

Area: 21.5+2.6 dm^2 (Elevons)

Quarter-Chord Sweep: 30.0deg
Airfoil: MH45 with Root: +2.0deg Tip: -0.5deg

Material: 21.0kg/m^3 EPP

Equiv. Rotor Diameter: 500mm

Flight Controller Based on MultiWii 2.1

All-Up Weight: 1.2 kg, Theoretical Maximum: 1.5 kg

Designed Fall 2012

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  • Well done !!!

    at the beginning of your video I noticed two


    3692660534?profile=originalscreen shots of modeling software

    could you please post what they were 

  • Pretty neat!

  • Awesome!

  • Great work!

  • Maxime: The problem with making the rear motor tilt backward/down is that it would be setup for the wrong direction of thrust as is.  It would have to do one of two things to be feasible.  The easiest option would be to start it with the motor upside down relative to what it currently is.  That would be a whole host of problems, but when tilted backward/upward it would be thrusting in the right direction.  The other option would be to use a VPP on it.  When you tilt backward, flip the pitch.  This would be an added pain, it would limit your choice of motors, and it would require the weight/complexity of another servo.  However, you could do really cool things with it while the mains are at a 45-degree angle!

  • MultiWii_Hybrid-1.0 Source Code Available here:


  • Some details on hardware:

    Component: Selection (Number, Usage)
    Battery: 3s2200 35C Lipoly
    ESCs: Castle Creations Phoenix-25 (2, Front), Phoenix-35 (1, Rear)
    Motors: Turnigy D2826-10 1400Kv (2, Front), KDA20-22L 800Kv (1, Rear)
    Props: APC LP08060E, LP08060EP (Front) APC LP10047SF (Rear)
    Servos: HS-81 (2,Tilt Mechanism), HS-65HB (2,Elevons)
    Servo Savers: Kimbrough Racing Products Small Servo Saver
    5v Regulator: LM2941-based Linear Regulator
    CCD Camera: DPC-161 5v 380-line
    Video Tx: Lawmate LM2400-500mW
    Flight Controller: 16MHz ATmega328P uC, Nintendo Wii Motion Plus IMU
    Receiver: 6-Channel Cascading PPM 72MHz

  • And another link in the tangled web: http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?14037-The-quot-Orange-Hawk-...

  • Also, I've given the folks at RcGroups an exclusive look at some of the code, since the text editor here does not play well with posting raw code snippets:


    Clickable Link

    RC Groups - View Single Post - Mini-Panther Tilt motor tricopter
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  • 3692657151?profile=originalThis is a screen shot of the MultiWii 2.1 GUI I've modified.

    Update:I've decided that I may create a blogspot page for this project, similar to what William Thielicke has done with his project: http://shrediquette.blogspot.com/ . I've attempted this sort of thing before here: http://sc-uav.blogspot.com/ , but may elect to move to a Wordpress template. Whatever is most effective and saves time for the stressed-out college student.

    Back to homework.....

    Shrediquette - the award-winning multirotors by William Thielicke
    A blog about the Shrediquette multirotor MAV by W. Thielicke and FPV flight.
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