The perfect anti-vibration foam


I found the PERFECT foam for the gyros and mags for anti-vibration on the AreoCopter
You all have heard and seen the commercial for Tempurpedic mattress
where the girl jumps on one end and the glass of wine on the other end
that doesn't spill ?
Look them up on the internet and request a free sample. Perfect size and
it REALLY kills the vibration, especially on ArduCopter.
Put this stuff in the Professional housing box under and around the mega and you will be all set.

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  • i hope you regulated the volt pin on the magnetometer. as its 3.3v the board puts out 5v
  • that 3.3v sparkfun magnetometer is it workin fine ?
  • Static safe? Since I started using viscoelastic foam a couple years ago, I never ever let it touch electronics directly. There is no reason to think that foam made for matresses is treated to dissipate static.
  • Totally off topic, but is that a 3.3v sparkfun magnetometer you have soldered to your oilpan? Will it work as a direct replacement for the DD 3.3v/5v module (which is currently out of stock)?
  • Is it static safe?
  • Genius!
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