The PRE-Flight Virtual RC Controller


I would like to announce my latest free App - the PRE-Flight Virtual RC Controller (for PRE-Flight Drone Simulator).

Convert your Android Smartphone or tablet to a full-featured, 12-channel, wireless Controller for PRE-Flight Flight Simulator. This free downloadable app will allow you to control PRE-Flight models without the bother of cables, configuring, or even waiting for your controller to be delivered to you.


Operate the Virtual RC Controller with your thumbs on the control pads - as you would a normal 2-stick controller. An optional, on-screen (in PRE-Flight) transmitter display shows your control stick positions. All controls are fully user-cutomizable - you can move them around the screen and even re-size them to the most comfortable configuration.

You'll quickly find that the PRE-Flight Virtual RC Controller is more accurate and faster than your old USB Controller (actual performance is dependent on your hardware specifications).


  • Wireless operation (via WIFI)
  • Runs on Android devices with touch screen and WIFI
  • Fully integrated with PRE-Flight, no calibration required
  • No special drivers for PC required
  • Visible Transmitter (in PRE-Flight) shows control stick positions
  • Easy to install, just download the app and use
  • Smooth operation, low-latency, and High-precision Controls
  • Up to 12 proportional Channels
  • Supports Mode 1 and Mode 2 operation (user selectable)
  • Trim on all channels
  • Multiple programmable rates
  • Multiple Heli Modes (Normal, Idle-Up, Stunt, and Autorotation)
  • 5-point Throttle and Collective smooth curves for all modes
  • Fully User-configurable
  • Quick Auto Configure for basic channels
  • Dedicated Reset button for PRE-Flight operation
  • Dedicated View Cycle buttons for PRE-Flight FPV and Line-of-sight operation
  • Dedicated Zoom in/out View buttons
  • Dedicated Display Visible TX button
  • Dedicated Display Zoom Window button
  • and more...
See the PRE-Flight Main Page:
for more details.

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  • Thanks Vishal, I'll try it!

  • With Droid Planner and Andropilot you can control your real RC plane via telemetry and APM

  • Jose, can download from google play store on your android 4+ tab or mobile with sufficient large screen.

    Search for droid planner and andropilot

  • Vishal,

    I don't know about either - but I suspected others may have the same functionality. What do they do? Do you have links that I can look at?


  • JesseJay,

    I don't think so - I had to specially modify PRE-Flight do do this. The other programs have to be modified too, to work with the app.

  • Nice app, were you not aware of Andropilot or Droid Planner, both of them have this feature.

  • Would it be possible to use this app with other programs?

This reply was deleted.