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    Yes everything is done with help of Vicon system. They have xbee communication between control laptops and quads, control laptop receives location feed from Vicon system and then sends constant control commands to quad via wireless link.
  • Yes, I understand how the UAV knows its 3d position- two way com with the Vicon. Do you suppose the Vicon guides into that velcro laced spot aswell?
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    Those bright red lights are part of their Vicon highspeed camera tracking system. All movie studios are also using Vicon to capture movements on movies like Avatar and others. Only problem on their system is that basic system costs about 300.000 USD and it's not portable :)
  • Any idea how they track to the perch landing spot?
  • Without explanations this video can be anything, but nevertheless, very showy.
  • Wow ! It is unbelivable !
  • very impressive
  • I'm hoping for another podcast interview to hear the details of what we are seeing in this video. Cause it is very cool but the details will paint a picture that I'm sure differs from my imagination. Very cool! Keep up the good work.
  • My robotics group recently had the privilege of touring the GRASP lab and seeing the system live. The demos we saw real-time were not as impressive as these videos, but still quite exciting nonetheless. Daniel gave us a preview of this video. I'm glad he posted it to YouTube.

    Look for some papers on this research to be published at the end of this year.

    - Roy
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    The day this type of responsive navigation can be accomplished by internal sensors alone, without the use of an external visual guidance system. UAV's will truly have become a mature and useful application.
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