The Santa Claus, Drone Based Package Delivery System

Even Santa Claus is exploring drone based package delivery!!  

A spokesman for the Claus Corporation said on Saturday that they had successfully completed phase 1 of their drone delivery system project "now that the prof of concept phase is complete Claus Corp is looking forward to entering the autonomous guidance system development phase".  "These are exciting times to be working for such a spirited and jolly company,” said an unusually short employee.

Claus Corp is fighting tooth and nail to gain the competitive edge against industry giant Amazon, who several months ago made public there drone delivery program.  "Innovation is the key to success,” said Santa Claus the CEO of Claus Corp at a press conference last January.


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  • Nathaniel

    That sounds like a good idea!!  I was also thinking of a drone Cupid that shoots nerf arrows ;-)

  • Moderator

    Come Easter are you going to make a flying rabbit that drops eggs!!! LOL

  • MR60


This reply was deleted.