The SCORPID-500 is now fully stabilised and controlled by a 9 DOF IMU (ArduIMU+ v2, HMC5843, GPS with firmware TriStab v3.3 JLN). The SCORPID-500 VTOL UAV uses an innovative design based on Gary Gress concept from Gress Aero. The Oblique Active Tilting (OAT) at 45° of the twin engines allows a full pitch control by using the induced gyroscopic moment. Today, the SCORPID-500 UAV prototype has done its first successful flights full IMU stabilised. Its flight is very stable. The earlier prototype has used 4 gyroscopes on board and some addtionnal mixers.

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  • Thanks Dave.  Please keep me posted on your progress.

    I went to the Bramalea flying club outside Toronto this past weekend and had the opportunity to fly alongside a heli.  Lots of fun!




  • Fantastic Looks great and is very stable Congratulations and I hope it joins your website this fall. Mine is coming slowly. Got the airframe , motors and electronics finished - now to put it all together and fly her.  BTW I found a place to order the Clark Y tailplane. Caio



  • Here's a couple of clips of my Nymbus 650 bicopter prototype


  • Developer

    Hello Jerry,

    Good work and my Congratulations for your success.


  • Hi Jean


    Got  the Wii multi-rotor control tweaked out pretty good now


    Thanks for the help


    nVader 600 Aggressive settings from Jerry Kutra on Vimeo.

  • Developer

    Hello Peter,

    In my Scorpid-500 OAT Bicopter, the distance between the motor is 380 mm. The tailplane is required only for fast translation and it is used to negate any tendancy to pitch up during forward flight.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • Can you tell me the distance between the motors?


    You have now removed the 'elevator' - what impact did that have on stability/performance.


    I have all the parts to build one so will be trying your software soon.



  • Developer

    Hello Gary,

    Have you seen this video from Minsoo Kim about his new bi-copter tilt rotor which look and fly like the Avatar Scorpion Gunship:

    Minsoo Kim uses the same KKmulticontroller "blue" board than I am currently use for all my multicopters (QRO v6, v5, v4, Tricopters...). The firmware is very simple and very well optimized...

    No sophisticated PID, no Kalman filter, no DCM and its fly very well the result is indeniable... Occam Razor principle is directly applied here....

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • Thank you Jean-Loius.  There's certainly a lot to learn.


  • Developer

    Ok, Gary. So, good luck in your tests with your nVader with the ArduMega.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

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