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  • Cool,
    I saw your post about the mediatek adapters, looking forward to having them in the store!
  • 3D Robotics
    @Brian: Not quite, but Ning is going to be releasing a bunch of social tools in the next few months, which will give us a lot more opportunities to help this community scale to its next 10,000 members without lowering the pretty high signal-to-noise ratio we've enjoyed so far. They will also make life a lot easier on the moderators!
  • Moderator
    DIYDrones on Farmville...
  • Developer
    Ah I didn't know about that one and I just wanted a quick solution to keep people informed without making a lot of post's here. I guess the average of the people is more interested in UAV's rather than "Out stock" news.

    Twitter is also free and let me upload fast from my phone...
  • Why not support open source and use
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