The "T" copter family of 3D printed drones is growing!


The are now four models in the "T" copter series: three quads and a coaxial six - all FREE for download from

I've also just done a short video series following the build of the 315 size T4 quadcopter which I hope might be useful to folks looking for a way to get started with a DIY copter and APM based flight controller.

Build video playlist 
Build video 1: Body assembly 
Build video 2: Install motors 
Build video 3: ESCs and power 
Build video 4: Flight control

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  • Thanks Leonard.  From you I take that as high praise :-)  

    My wish is not to prove that 3D printing is the best way to build copters ...just to show that it can work, and actually work pretty well!

  • Developer
    Oops, I meant to say they are the only copters I have seen that....
  • Developer
    These designs are the only available examples of 3d printed copters that make full use of the strengths of 3d printing while avoiding the weaknesses.

    If you want to build a 3d printed copter I highly recommend that you start here. Even if you want to design your own. Look at these designs and understand why they have been done like this.

    Nice job!
  • As I have looked at these designs it seems they would benefit from a hybrid approach using a combination of materials and allowing the 3d printed parts to be only of the center body and then using standard stock for the arms, with maybe 3d printed connections

  • T4 Mini 250 (5" props) ~110 grams

    T4 Mini 315 (8" props) ~130 grams

    T4 (10" props) ~400 grams

    T6 (10" props) ~350 grams

  • Looks great. Very solid flight on

    How heavy are the frames?

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