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  • the video is great,

  • Nice ad :)

    Sorry for OT but Banggood pricing agressiveness ( and massive custom fraud is so obnoxious... had to rant a bit about the reseller everyone likes to order to.

  • Yeah... 

    Got to admit that it is quite a big budget for a phonedrone promo 

    After BaliWood we get ShenzenWood... I am missing Bruce Lee :-(

  • This promotional video is incredibly bizarre, the dude uses the emoji payload to profess his love to his gal yet only gets a hug out of it? Comon.

  • Curious to see where the S6  will rank on the Bangoods's popularity list.  .. Note this is not scientific but highly effective as marketing tool ;-)

    So far Wingland's  Scarlet is ranked around 70 top most popular , thanks to its reducedlist price..,, 56% off ... All DJI consumer models are better ranked.

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  • Cute thing.  Have any examples of the on-board video?

  • i would like to know if any of those new mini drones runs ac/px4 hardware/software. is this can be paired or hacked with a small receiver i would be pleased.

  • @Alanstone - really cool advert and I like the accessory port. What's your involvement with this drone?

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