The World's First Drone Painting Company!

We teamed up with Bercom makers of the HANDy Paint Products to create the world's first residential and commercial Drone Painting Company.

Check it out!




"Tongue in cheek" this was a lot of fun and very scary at times putting a 4' pole with a roller and trying to fly it around painting stuff.  It was amazing how well it handled everything strapped to the bottom of the Photohigher.


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  • When can I get a drone that I can attach a wasp spray to? I have many nests each summer in the upper eaves of my house and I think it's much too dangerous to get up a high ladder to the roof and try to do battle.

  • Hi there,

    I am looking for drones to carry out painting jobs for telecommunication towers can VR Spark 350 carry out these tasks? I love to have one of these devices.

    Appreciated early reply as I am in the progress of discussions with Telco operators.


  • That video made me laugh. Next someone will offer a video of graffiti-by-artist(s). Probably already out there on YouTube or Vimeo. Then there will be drones spraying over the unwanted graffiti. 

  • Yep that sounds thought through and seems to be very reasonable. They can even give the parcels a nice paintjob in the air while delivered with the amazon drones.

    I am soon kickstarting Drone Toiletpaper Service. The drone will wipe your a** on the toilet, flying in through the window and called by a fancy I phone app with video feed - you can record and share it in social media!

  • yes... but do you do free estimates :)

  • Lol, and quick drying with the breath produced by the drone!

  • I loved the gimbaled paintbrush!

  • MR60

    I thought April fool's joke was in April....

  • Drones can be used to market anything at the moment, even paint products!

    Funny as hell, but there will be plenty of people who will think this is a real thing.

    Thumbs up to Bercom for putting a slice of their marketing spend forward, and well done to No Limit UAV for putting together such a convincing rig and spoof video.

  • Great post markpre,

    I am sure the FAA will be knocking on your door tomorrow demanding you immediately cease this obviously lucrative commercial business.

    I am actually sure that some day house and building painting and cleaning and window washing and a lot of other services will be commonplace.

    I am pretty sure they will not be using a brush, but hey youve got to start somewhere.

    And you are the first.

    Maybe you can charge people to paint your fence by flying the drone.

    Huck Finn would be proud.

    Best Regards,


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