Thirty Days (#12): Freeing Fozzie



After Brandon (3DR's Applications Engineer) rescued "Fozzie" from an undisclosed lab at UC Berkeley, the getaway car proved to be barely sufficient. We kept the angle of attack well into zero-lift angles, and the little Mazda stayed on the ground.

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  • No, it is the secret Mazda prototype which will win the next Le Mans 24h race.


  • Moderator

    Makes the air break on the Bugatti look primitive.

  • Not friendly to bicycle riders however!

  • ...oh wait, it is signalling left turn also...

    I got it.. "New the Mazda Green Braking System is an innovative solution to the question regarding where all the brake pad dust goes. MGBS will help you feel better about slowing your vehicle down."


  • Backseat driver signalling right turn...


  • LOL!!

  • Admin


    And I thought that this was a new hybrid rover/plane that you were showing off.:-)



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