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  • This uses Y6 firmware. You have two Y6s on alternating arms.

  • BUT... How do you control yaw?the signal to both ESC on each arm is the same. So if you command the craft to yaw, both a CW and a CCW motor speeds up or slows down. The net result is an unchanged moment about the z axis, ie. no change in overall torque

  • Nope, as you see on photo it has 2 ESCs per arm. I think only signal wires from ESCs paralleled.

  • Yes I would love to know how the motors are controlled?

    I cant see how it can be done without 12 separate ESC outputs.

    Using the same signal for each coxial motor pair would result in not being able to control YAW.

  • Is it really just a hexa but using the same signal line for each pair of motors?

  • Justin, please do :-)

  • I agree Joshua, our US air carriers solved the food problem a long time ago.

  • A lot of umph in that.  Beast it is.  Wow.

  • 3D Robotics

    Bruno, yes, we always recommend that the APM be mounted as high as possible (ideally on a platform, as shown above), to avoid magnetic interference from the PDB and ESCs.

  • Think Pbreed got it.  Looks very very simple.  Pretty good if that works.

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