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  • My finance watched this and wanted to steal one of those cute little fellas.

  • They're too old.  1st rule of startups: never hire anyone over 5.

  • was the team behind this blimp.

  • Blimps are interesting, but I remember when they tried to use one on "Gold Rush".

    Got blown all over the place, way too light and way too much response to even the slightest wind.

    Probably indoors was the best place to have it.

    I am afraid lighter than air has a very limited and highly specialized future.

    Unless your in Key West and using tethered balloons to look for hapless Cubans or Haitians trying to escape of course.

  • Blimps are for sure the best surveillance aerial vehicles out their.  If you where to put some solar panels on one you could keep it hovered in one spot for days! :)  What company was showcasing the Blimp?

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