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  • And it's time i got a makerbot and one of these injection things... thanks for posting :)

  • I have a 1/2" drill bit that used to be 8" long, now it's 7".

    That took me 15 years of using and sharpening.

    It still eats stainless.

  • The world needs a crowdfunded drill press & lathe or at least a set of crowdfunded drill bits.

  • @Chris, My CAD Engineering degree might come in handy in a year with all those 3D Gadgets!! ;)  My NerdySenses are tingling #Spiderman

  • 3D Robotics

    Along with this machine, our desktop 3D printers and our desktop CNCs, we've also got our desktop PCB mill and 3D scanner coming to the 3DR Berkeley offices. Quite a micro-factory for a bunch of business guys. We're going to have to start enforcing a "no manufacturing until inbox zero" rule, just to keep the boys off the toys. 

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