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  • Maxime, many professionals still use them to stabilize their video and still cameras on all sorts of moving platforms.  Here's an example:

    Kenyon Labs is a major supplier to the industry:



  • Thanks for your response Don. I read somewhere that ISS still use mechanical gyro (maybe because of old conception, I don't know what about recent satellite). So I means imagine saved weight on modern air/spacecraft, just amazing.

  • Right, but the question (I think) was whether there are applications where MEMs gyros won't perform as well as mechanical gyros.  And, why.

  • Don, it's not *that* type of gyro.

  • The spinning mass of a mechanical gyro resists movement of the object to which it is attached.  Its response is instantaneous.  A MEMs gyro simply provides the information to a stabilization system that then has to react to that information.


  • Do you know why ?

  • Yes, stabilizing a camera.

  • Is there anything where MEMs underperform comparing to mechanical gyro ?

    Is there any reason to still use mech gyro for some specific application ?

  • It got us to the moon.

  • I love it, the old F-16 use to have a mechanical one too...imagine that!

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