Monterey flights were pre flighted but the fog never cleared. Then attempted a failed flight over Tomales Bay in which we discovered 2 years of vectoring motors to aim the camera had worked the mounting tape completely loose. Monterey would have been a disaster in that case.

Almost time to invest the $30 in an arducopter. Wait long enough & commercial technology eventually can take over what only custom systems did years ago. Would prefer a 32 bit processor on the smallest board possible, without all the extra stuff or fragile hirose connectors.

The trick with the Vika 1 airframe is real cheap crashes. All the parts are easy to make with hand tools. $10 of wood lasts 1 year of crashes. Who knows what CNC aluminum & landing gear would cost.

Did snap a video of the moon over the valley during a mounting tape test flight. It seems the wind is always going to tilt the propellers slightly.

MediaTek didn't materialize. Wasn't optimistic about it from the beginning. In the interview could tell #1 they were looking for someone with a formal education in computer science & not a jack engineer. #2 they obviously knew someone else & we were just a sales pitch from a recruiter.

However, probably going to start another job in 1 week not in aerospace mind you. Vacation fail.

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Comment by Chris Anderson on July 2, 2010 at 7:08pm
Sorry the MediaTek thing didn't work out--it would have cool to have someone on the inside ;-) Is the new job at least technically challenging?

If you want to move to Utah, Procerus is looking for an engineer.

Comment by Randy on July 2, 2010 at 8:06pm
love reading your posts as always. I knew your vacation would be all too short. good luck.
Comment by Greg Fletcher on July 2, 2010 at 8:08pm
Wow Jack, You are a jack engineer too. That's what I do. I am still employed almost 20 yrs at the same lab.
Hope I can keep it up as I will be 50 very soon. I specialize in electric heater systems for chemists. As well as vacuum pumps and glove boxes and such. Fixing stuff and building stuff. And what ever else comes up. I would help if I could, but I work near Chicago, and we don't have any UAV programs here where I work. Do what you know how to do if you lucky enough to. Good luck


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