This weekend: 3d printed UAV STL files

3689594186?profile=originalThis weekend STL files of Barcelona 3D printed UAV will be uploaded for all of you!

I have been upgrading vertical tail in order to increase control power factor and preparing some information for the slicer process and assembly.

Sorry for the delay.

Brief explanation of this UAV with English subtitles, PRESS CAPTION:

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  • I'll add your google+ to the CAD Drones Barcelona UAV Page and your twitter and such.  Please go onto the Barcelona UAV Photos page and add as many photos of your project as you can find!

  • Barcelona 3D printed UAV google+ website has all photos and news. Take a look!

  • I also integrated your youtube channel into the CADDrones Main Video Page and Also the Barcelona UAV Videos Page! :)

  • Amazing tool, Thank you Joshua!

    I'll present CADDRONES with programmed G-codes of Barcelona 3D printed UAV with 845g weight performance in operation for Reprap 3D printer, the key of Barcelona 3D printed UAV.

    Notice me when operative.

  • Jonatan your page is being built on CAD Drones:

  • I have used the maximum Z axis height of Reprap BCN 3d+ printer, 200mm.

    For your problem, CAD file has been included in thinginvers. You can divide total parts by using boxes, union and substraction commands.

  • Moderator

    Thanks for getting the files uploaded!

    Do you know the dimensions of some of the pieces?  What printer are you using?

    I'm trying to position (for example) Fuselage-1 and Aileron onto a MakerBot 2, and they're both too tall.

    Screen shot attached.3701736891?profile=original

  • found it !!!

    BUT have no ideal how to put Everything together。。

  • best reward is to see more Barcelona 3D printed UAV, upgrade it together and enjoy this moment!

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