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Three Paparazzi-powered UAVs stolen

Martin reports: "Last weekend (27./28.11.2010) someone broke into the University of Bergen, Norway and stole three Paparazzi-equipped autonomous aircrafts/systems for atmospheric research based on the Multiplex Funjet. The break-in was very precisely targeted to only the systems that had been used in many measurement campaigns. Any information about the disposition of this equipment (e.g. suspicious offer for sale) is highly appreciated.

More detailed descriptions at the site of the Norwegian RC club:


Video from one of the UAVs on an arctic mission:

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  • Hmm what is the approx available payload on one of these (after autopilot)?
  • You reaading my thoughts (uav for drug transfer).
  • Really, not going to mention it again...
  • Ok I'll mention this again. They don't have insurance. We have 12000 plus members here. If even a third gave say $2 or $5, we could really help them get back to their work. Anbody else interested? Can we do a broadcast message, maybe the DIYDrones store could handle the financial collection and distribution. Are there DIYDrones stickers or iron ons or something like that, could sell for $5 and the profit go to the University to help rebuild?

    I won't mention this again. ;)
  • Na it's probably some government checking out new ideas for UAV development. Next time you see them they will be flying around with some rockets taped on and a really cool unit logo painted on the tail.
  • How interesting. Sounds like reselling the stolen goods was not the point behind it.. which would suggest a much more nefarious use. Organised crime, perhaps? Now what use would a UAV be to them... Drug running? Smuggling stuff over a border?
  • Thanks for all the positive feedback. The university - as a public body - does not have an insurance but there are talks with the university/faculty to allow the geophysical institute to rebuild the planes. If all goes well the impact on the next planned flights in early 2011 will be manageable.

    The aircrafts were stored in a lab that had a lot of other valuable technical equipment that was not touched. It confused me to hear that Steve Joyce of SmartPlanes.se had a similar incident in Sweden last summer. Two of their UAV systems were stolen from his house with other valuable equipment also untouched. Not sure if that is directly related but at least remarkable.
  • Developer
    I code in my name & email & phone# in APM, also in uBlox, so it can be recalled for proof of ownership. Hope you find the culprits soon. I worry when I transport my systems that this could happen.
  • oh, hey I live in bergen ...
    I shall keep my eyes open
  • Arrrg that's horrible. I hope those responsible get what they deserve.
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