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Hi guys!
In the last few months I have been working to develop an advanced tracking antenna for my new CGS. Unfortunately I haven't got no more time to finish this project, so I decided to release it Free to the community....

Basic Mechanics feature:
•    24dBi High gain dish antenna
•    9° Horizontal –vertical  beam
•    360° Endless pan - 180° Tilt
•    0,006° Pan Resolution ( microstep mode)
•    0,05° Tilt Resolution (microstep mode)
•    High torque speed stepper motors
•    Precise bearings ad belts, for smoother operation.
•    2D construction (no need of 3 axis cnc)
•    Cheap alloy-pvc-fiberglass
•    Car roof mounting
•    7kg weight

Basic electronics feature:
•    Integrated processor for standalone operation
•    Single usb connection

•    Integrated Serial usb converter for datalink
•    Dual precise stepper drivers, low noise
•    AHRS for stabilize the antenna
•    10Hz GPS
•    Electronic tilt compensated Compass
•    Internal lipo battery

The Electronics is almost done, just need to be checked again ( is the first PCB I develop).
In attachment a ZIP with all the files inside.

Unfortunately as you see on this post, my written English is very bad! I will try to give an help (as best I can) to answer to all the questions.

Regards,trackin antenna.rar

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  • Would like to revive this. Any more info or anyone built one?

  • Looks awesome! Any idea on exactly what stepper motor system you planned on using?

  • thank you

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  • nice project, but I can't download the lined .rar file   :-(

  • Found these acrylic domes:

    It would be nice to show the antenna moving around in there :)

    Clear Acrylic Plastic Display Domes.
    Clear Domes for displays, dust covers, beyblade stadium or whatever your application.
  • What about re-purposing the clock-spring connector from a multi-function car steering wheel? It wouldn't give continuous rotation, but would keep things tidy for greater than 360 degree travel. Not sure how much friction there is in those things though.

  • I figure that if you are using a dish you are doing long range stuff. In this case continuous rotation is not necessary. You can use a cable and you wont be flying circles around yourself, but just maneuvering at long range so not much ant. movement. Even if vehicle mounted you are more or less going in one direction and not driving in circles. If you are flying around yourself at short range then you would be using an omni. BTW they have made for years satellite TV dishes for boats and RV's that are gyro stabilized. Use a cable in the center and only allow one or two turns than have a quick reset (unwinding) when needed.

  • I try to answer back to all...
    @ gerorge... Data over slip rings is not a big problem, in the past I builded a device with slip rings and  RS232 flowing  at @19200 with no problems! I suggest you to buy one and give a try, and remember that antenna is never on continuous fast rotation like a radar!
    @ Luca... no sorry!

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