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3689413706?profile=originalCheck out the firmware loading screen from the latest Mission Planner (1.013). Have you ever seen anything more beautiful??


Yes, APM is the first autopilot in history to support every kind of flying machine out there! (We already covered lighter-than-air with Blimpduino). Thanks to the great work of team leader Randy Mackay, the Trex 450 (traditional heli) version of ArduCopter is now fully compatible with ArduCopter 2, which means 2-way MAVLink and all the other mission planning goodness.


Randy will be updating the Traditional Heli manual soon with the ArduCopter2 details. One thing he discovered is that the Trex 450 flies a lot better with APM if you go flybarless. A Guai 450 flybarless head can be found for as little as $24.

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    As Chris says, I'll be updating the wiki pages soon and will post a video.


    Personally I use the RJX 450 flybarless head which can be found here on ebay for $31.


  • now i want a heli!!!!!!!
  • One word................ GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regards Pete

  • Thank you!
  • Must have videos!
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