So it's been a long time since I was on diydrones but I wanted to reach out to a lot of you guys that fly fpv and happen to own a pair of 3D goggles.  Maybe an oculus rift or some cinimizers.  Now with the Transporter 3D (aka T3D) you can do 3d fpv or 2D with large fov using your old fpv gear or new gear from EMR Labs or someone elses' 3D cam or a home made set using two cameras.  This system gives you many options to use.  It takes in composite signals and outputs it to the goggles.  Now for the oculus rift, it has several key features to help with fpv:1.  It's powered through the Transporter 3D

2.  It passes the headtracker data of the rift to a headphone jack to use through your trainer ports

3.  Easy Ipd (Interpupillary Distance) adjustment on the unit for perfect 3D or 2D

4.  You can use it for 3D fpv using a 3d camera like the T3D cam or 2D re-sizable fpv. What I mean by re-sizeable is you can zoom the picture to be like your fatsharks or you can be like your in the cinema.

5.  Has low power consumption

Currently the indiegogo campaign has already hit it's funding in less than 24 hrs.  I wasn't sure if the community knew about this but I can't wait to fly like iron man.  I plan or doing a lot with this especially 3D since I've always wanted true bird vision not like I'm watching a screen, but super big fov 2D flying would be cool too.  Rift owners will know what I'm talking about and it will get a lot better when the commercial version comes out.  It's not something I can describe sorry, but it feels like an out of body experience.

You can find more info here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/transporter3d/x/4182636

I plan on updating this blog with more stuff.  These are exciting times for fpv right now but this might push it further.

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  • With the new Blackbird seperable stereo FPV camera, this should make the ultimate Augmented Reality flying experience.

    Does anybody know if it is or will be compatible with the V2 Oculus I have on order?

  • So just from reading some of the comments the rift is leaps above my other FPV goggles.  Ive never held a pair of rift or seen them in person but from looking at the profile they must be.  

  • Me showing it off at least a prototype:


  • Yah I will go pick up a hdmi recorder.  In the mean time look at this.  This is taken off of the T3D and T3D cam at least the old cam I believe:


  • I would kind of like to see a capture of the fpv camera in side by side format to see how that looks. Would that be possible?
  • What do you guys want to see tested?  I will be shooting videos of the system in action

  • If you mean the entire unit on a vehicle, no, since you would then need digital transmitters since the rift takes hdmi and dvi only.  The transporter unit doesn't need to be in the air as it's the analog to digital converter needed for the rift and any other 3D based goggles.

    What I'm guessing your asking is can you get 3D side by side signal through one vtx to one reciever.  The answer there is yes.  You can do this with the T3D cam.  This blurb is taken from the campaign:

    "To leverage the 3D capabilities we redesigned the 3D-Cam (T3D Edition) with higher performance sensors and T3D support for both single channel 3D and dual channel 3D video.  This gives camera package backers the ability to see 3D with their standard FPV system and provides the option to experiment with the ultimate dual channel 3D experience."

    I do agree with your last statement that the effect does diminish the higher up you go, but doesn't that happen in real life anyway?  Pretty much the T3D and a 3D cam setup coupled with the Rift or any other pair of 3D goggles should give you real eyesight in the air, not mono vision even though the higher up you go the less 3Dthings get.  At least with 3D up  in the air you can have better collision avoidance than a mono cam since you can discern depth.

  • 3D Robotics

    Do you guys have any plans to put that board in the air, do the processing there, and send it down as one stream?  Also, while 3D is probably cool for copters close to the ground, I'd imagine the effects would be diminished for high-flying planes.  Do you have any experience with this?

  • 2D mode with wide angle lens.


  • Maybe.  They don't look wide angle.  I will get clarification on this.  Here's a vid showing it off with the T3D.


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