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  • I would like to say sorry to all who were offended by the comments I made while drinking...but I won't...I stand by what came out of my sorry ass while drinking last night....Man so many techs with out a clue about the crap they are funny...after reading things like "not a good way to make friends within a pressional enviroment ...what makes you think I want to make friends. I consider this a product and service I paid for and all I want is a little help...but that seems to be something that can happen


  • @Peter

    Racial slurs have never been a good way to make friends in any of the professional environments I've worked in.

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    @Peter Fonseca, you may not have noticed this is a DIY site for people who enjoy tinkering and experimenting with new ideas and tech... It is NOT Walmart.
    Several people have replied to your trash talk with straightforward links and suggestions.
  • I whould suggest u send it back and you not come back have a nice day ;)

  • 3D Robotics

    Peter: the instructions are all in the same product listing you ordered from:

    Power Distribution Board assembly instructions in PDF format are here
    Frame assembly instructions are available here. 

  • I just purchased a hexa 3dr and I can't find instructions to build it...this is my first time and the people I called where to stupid or to new to know where the instructions are...can I get my money back if I ship this back to them..Its been about 4 days?..whats the use of getting something you can't build or fly or get support for....does this happen all the time..I hear that these guys are based in South California...are they wet backs or chinks..I have a wet back and I can tell you that if somebody called me for help I would find a way to get that help to the person that is asking for it...oh but there is money involved ...oooops

  • In the pacific there is a huge "trash sink" where currents meet and grabage tends to congregate I remember reading something about an expedition that is headed out to chart it and do more research that left Hawaii recently if I remember correctly

  • That is an absolutely brilliant idea.Would benefit best from a swarm and some kind of low power.Fish may get caught in it.

    The amount of plastic that ends up in our waterways and eventually the Ocean is shameful to say the least.A scientific study carried out in the pacific dragged a 1 meter x 1 meter for a few kilometers and managed to pick up many types of plastic.Gets caught up in jellyfish and fish consume it.

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