TREMOR GCS progress

Some more progress on the GCS. I integrated a line builder and line manager. The line builder contains the editor to edit GPS coordinates of the line, as well as options for line thickness and color. The line manager imports these coordinates as a set, and given a name. This clears up the line builder, allowing multiple lines to co-exist.

The Line builder can import a list of GPS coordinates from a text file with the format:

lat lon
lat lon

I plan on adding a 3rd dimension, but i don't yet have a barometric pressure sensor.

This is zoomed in to show the Open Street map layer.

The line appears shifted from the road, but it is really aligned. The line right now is at an elevation of 2500 km, so the shifting is due to the perspective distortion. Any lower, the line disappears into the ground (the globe has elevation data). I need to figure out how to have the line at ground level.
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  • A overlay doesn't complicate things, both overlay and independent can be done with the same, code, its just a matter of where you put it.
  • I wouldn't get too stress of having a HUD over video feed, it would be great but I think it would be added complication. A HUD which can be used for internal pilot flying have a look at the following HUD in the virtual cockpit;

    Hope this helps.
  • Admin
    Ok :) .
  • Too bad you can't edit comments, I was going to clarify.
    A name for the whole program, TREMOR was a whim that really isn't fitting.
  • Admin
    "better names" for ?
  • I will work on a HUD, for the live video feed display. Any other suggestions? Better names? :)
  • Greg,

    I know everyone love dials but they take up a lot of space and are really useless when they can be replaced with a window and number in it. If you have a look at any of the commercial or military gcs none of them have dials. Ravi, you get my point. Also have a look at the procerus GCS very clean look to it. Will you put in a REAL HUD for the UAV.
  • Dials take up a lot of space, their not good for anything except the simplest things, or if the primary view is off screen (i.e. a real plane), In my opinion anyway.
  • @Miles What's wrong with dials. I like them. As well as audible alerts.
  • Admin
    looking better & better every day Ravi, keep it up
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