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  • After flight test's i plan to make improvements

    -Electronics floor
    -Foldable design
    -450 boom's version
    -maybe octo version but i'm confused lifting performans relation between weight and flight time.
  • Looked at rustys frame too, really nice design.

    Now Nomad, will you have it available in octo or hexa config too?
    Will it somehow be foldable or at least fast and easy to detach arms?
  • Yes i use Solidworks.
  • Are you using solidworks to do the modeling or another cad system?
  • Yepp , it looks like.

    I think 450 booms are more comfortable. If i not alread bougt 600 boom's i want to use 450 ones. [ cheaper , strong enought and less weight ]

    That looks convertable too [ for carrying ]

    This is my first design. After test flight i could change worst things and maybe redesign allover ?

    After flights i will happy to share plans.
  • Admin

    Your design duplicates Rusty's Rad Rotary Rev 7 design which uses TRex 450 booms:

  • In testing time i plan to use


    small cd cakebox. After testing time i plan to make other floors :)
  • Looks nice, exactly what i am looking for actually.
    Will it support the "build-up" electrical tower coming on the arducopter, to safely secure ardumega etc?

    You may have to be careful by the motors as well, can't see where the cables should go if the motor is attached from the top... or will the motormount be so narrow, that the cables go past it into the boom?

  • No slit yet , first i try these but if needed cut 2mm each side of block.
  • Nice!
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