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  • Thanks Tim. Looking forward to it.

  • Thanks for the post. The new version of the Pro Trciopter Kit now ships with a custom, precision machined Stainless Steel Yaw axle which is replacing the much weaker aluminum axle of the past. The hardware crash replacement kit also now ships with this Stainless Steel axle for anyone wanting to upgrade. The aluminum axle was incredibly light, but not as stiff as the new axle now is. I think you'll find this provides more crash resilience and also less flex in the Yaw motor. I've made many modifications to the kit over the past year and we're now at version 1.3 of the kit.

  • sure thing man. Its based off of David Windestal's tricopter build v2.5 on

    check out the build page :

    His steering hinge is one of the most mindless and bestest (yes i said "bestest") solutions i've seen yet. I didn't have carbon fiber rods, but I did have some misc. RC car arm screws that did the job just fine. 

  • Scott, do you have any more info on the steering hinge solution. I've just picked up one of these frames and will be putting it together this week.

  • I suppose the mechanism would work *if* you don't crash. But I crash. So the steering hinge solution is awesome as the main arm absorbs all impact. I thought David Windestal was brilliant for that modification. 

  • Scott
    I can see the problem. The rod offering the only support. I will take your advise since I have received the steering hinge pack from HK.
  • Tim designed a nice tricopter. The delrin is great. But the yaw mechanism is too weak for my taste. It gets bent VERY easily. So I just used the new yaw mechanism from the on the delrin frame.
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