Tricopter assembly

3689717960?profile=originalDry assembly to make sure all parts fit, so far so good.

The distance between motors is 450mm so obviously the arms need to be cut down.

A PixFalcon goes on top, the GPS/Compass module will either go directly on top of the PixFalcon or have its own mount at the front of the drone.

Target weight is 700 grams & its going to be close.

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  • The only place I'm blogging is here :-)

    I might release it into the wild but that depends on how well it flies, I wouldn't want to give you a turkey :-)

  • This looks really nice, do you have a blog? or a website were you post the materials ? are you going to release as OpenHardware? I would like to have one for me =) KR

  • That was the plan but could'nt find any the right size.

    I decided to get it flying & have some fun, a little silicone grease will just have to do for now.

  • The tail mechanism is nice, have you thought about using plastic bushings to improve the friction/ wear situation?

  • @Bob Morley [Citation Needed]

  • I'm using PLA, its not the strongest material but seems adequate. Most sections are 2mm thick, parts which take more load are 3mm. The trick to getting strong parts is thin layers (0.2mm) and print very slowly, the main body section took 13 hours.

    The chassis section is printed on end with the rear end down, this minimises the amount of support material and there don't seem to be any issues with layer adhesion. There's no post-processing.

    When I stop fiddling with the design I'll print with nylon, its much tougher than ABS but awkward as complex parts tend to warp. I've had good results printing with 'weed wacker' filament.

    This is the first 'flying prototype', a few hard landings will show what needs to be improved :-)

  • I really like your setup and the yaw mechanism.

    Are you using PLA or ABS?

    How is the printer Z-axis oriented?

    Are you using anything else to strengthen the print? Some post-processing? 

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